Saturday, 30 August 2014


Today I have for you a favourites/recommendation post. It's about YouTube and youtubers, because for me youtubers are a great source of inspiration and (of course) entertaintment. I'm gonna talk about my three favourites at the moment, all three of them are british (don't know why) and apart from being youtubers they are also bloggers: Zoe Sugg, Suzie B. and Lily Melrose.

So, without further ado, here you have [but don't worry, I won't talk much, I don't wanna bore you to death ;)]. Enjoy!! ^^

- Zoe Sugg - 

There's not really much left to say about her, because almost everyone who is into fashion blogs or fashion/beauty YouTube chanels knows her. That's a fact. She's 24, lives in Brighton and started her YouTube Chanel in 2009. Nowadays she has almost 6 million subscribers. And that is VERY impressive.

I love her videos, she's definitely my favourite youtuber. I love her style and her hair, which is (from my point of view) one of her signatures.

- Suzie B -

Apart from loving her chanel, I really enjoy her blog, her pictures are amazingly good. So you should really check it out, if you haven't already. Also, another reason to watch her videos and read her blog is the little ball of fur that she has, otherwise known as a puppy called Nala.

I love her style, mainly because she shares my love for monochrome and wearing black clothes, which is the dominant color in her outfits, most of the time. Furthermore, she does the best cateye that I have ever seen, you can learn how she does it by watching her Liquid Liner Tutorial.

Lily's style is (at least, for me) quite unique. She wears retro-looking clothes with a bit of grunge style, and I adore it. She has an amazing shoe collection and I would kill for it. And if you want to know more about her go and check out her chanel, if you haven't already ^^

Have you ever watched their videos or blogs? Which ones are your favourites youtubers?



  1. I LOVE Suzie's style! I love Zoe's on her but it would not flatter me at all
    Allison from

    1. Zoe's wouldn't flatter me either, unluckily hahaha